Bright Butterfly is dedicated to help students transform their academic performance and realise their full potential for a bright future.

Alison Whitefield is the tutor and educator within Bright Butterfly, assisted by partner Kevin Whitefield, who looks after the admin and maintenance side.

Alison is a very experienced educator with 33 years of full-time education, from qualified teacher to school leadership and headteacher. She has extensive SEND experience, and has led in several schools in very challenging environments. More recently, Alison sought to have more direct impact on young students and their outcomes, and so 2 years of private tutoring followed.

Bright Butterfly is now developing its facilities to deliver a specialist Alternative Provision, to help pupils in local schools that are, in different ways, struggling to cope or thrive in the mainstream school environment. We can provide intervention where needed, to help in specific areas and ways, to develop or correct a trajectory, maybe raise confidence or create a reset and re-integration into the mainstream environment.

About Us

Alison Whitefield
Alison Whitefield
Education and Experience

B.Ed Hons Degree in Education

Masters Degree in Design

Training: Norfolk STEPS Lead Professional, Team Teach, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Prevent, Thrive, Trauma-Informed, CLA Lead Professional, Multi-Agency Safeguarding, NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship)

Class teacher in primary, secondary and SEND settings

Head of Art, Head of Creative Art (secondary)

Head of Faculty and Department (secondary) - Art, Textiles, Creative Media and Photography

Head of Enterprise

Head of Personal Development, Wellbeing and Behaviour (PDWB)

Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and SENDCo

Specialist subjects in art and design - primary, secondary, A-level & BTEC

Assistant Head – primary and secondary

Headteacher – mainstream primary, primary & secondary SEND, focus on SEMH (social, emotional, mental health & autism)


Alison has been private tutoring for the last 2 years with great successes and outcomes. Without exception, every student has improved significantly in school after the intervention, where we have been able to focus on what the student really needed at that moment in time.

Many students have special needs, lack focus, or struggle in many ways and areas that Alison is trained to deal with, far beyond the realms of regular teachers and support staff. We have found this this one-to-one tutoring so beneficial and rewarding, that we have been developing our facilities to transition to full time tutoring to help many more students, to make it happen for them, to have impact and improve their schooling and future lives.

If you think I can help your child, or I can advise or help you support your child's educational needs, then please register your interest for private tutoring/support with the online form.

Private tutoring
Private tutoring
Alternative Provision

After more than three decades in education and leadership, leading very challenging specialist schools, and more than two years providing very personalised tuition, we have established Bright Butterfly Unregulated Alternative Provision, a new educational setting in Banham, Norfolk. Its mission is to provide high quality, engaging and personalised learning for children and young people. Contact us or read the Home page for more information.