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Hello! My name is Alison Whitefield, I'm a long time qualified teacher and school leader of 33 years, and I also offer personalised tuition for a small number of young people. You can read more about my bio on the About Us page, but here I want to tell you more about our exciting world of personalised private tuition at our premises here in Banham, Norfolk.

I have been private tutoring for the last couple of years with great successes and outcomes. Without exception, every student has improved significantly in school, or at home after my intervention, where I have been able to focus on what they really needed at that moment in time. I have found this so beneficial and rewarding that I would like to move towards helping many more students, to have impact and improve their schooling and future lives.

The work I do with students is rich and diverse. Some have Special Educational Needs, others have some gaps they need to bridge, and many need to build their confidence to enable them to reach their potential. Even if your child has support in their school setting, it may not be enough to ensure your child can learn in the most optimal way to ensure they become the best they can be in a challenging environment for them.

Why would you want to use my services?

Quite simply, for a small amount of time, often as little as one hour per week, I guarantee to have a significant impact on your child's outcome. One reason I can say this is that my intervention will shift your child's trajectory. I work with the child to remove some roadblocks in their understanding of a subject, by chunking learning and helping them to develop confidence and coping techniques for the classroom and beyond. The confidence gained, builds self-esteem and this, in turn, enables them to participate more at school, culminating in greater progress. The earlier I intervene, the bigger the effect, so a lot of my work is at primary age, however I also work a lot with teens leading up to the crucial exam period. From our first session, I will quickly develop an understanding of any issues, and discuss a personalised approach to make improvements; this may be biased towards tackling the subject roadblocks, or more about developing their coping, confidence or behaviour so they function more ably in the class environment. Every child is different and, as we know, the learning and personal development goes hand in hand.

Alongside my long and successful teaching career, I have raised my own children. Although, I have often sat on the opposite side of the desk to parents in frequently very difficult situations, I have sympathised and empathised with them, advocating for the best outcomes. I know the system from both sides, and may be able to help in areas where many parents may not know what the questions are. My experience and flexibility allows not only simple tuition, but also extensive help to parents/carers in any way that assists the student through their education and the many challenges ahead, including dealing with exclusions, EHCP/SEND, dyslexia identification, liaison with agencies , report writing and much more....

Art is also a big part of my life, I've even made an appearance on Landscape Artist of the Year. I have led art in schools at all levels, and am happy to provide tuition in many disciplines on a one-on-one basis or small groups. This may be to a curriculum, or as a more leisure activity; to develop, enjoy and socialise with like-minded souls. I can also offer teacher training opportunities in art to schools.

To find out more on any aspect, to explore possibilities, or discuss how I may be able to help child or parent, please contact me via the form below.

Alison Whitefield
Alison Whitefield


An exciting development of our personalised tuition, starting in September 2024, is our Alternative Provision for young people who face challenges in the classroom environment. See our Home page for more information.


Suzanne J - May 2023

Alison has been fantastic with my teenage son, preparing him for his mocks and GCSEs. My son enjoys her sessions which are adapted well to suits his interests and needs and he is already more confident.

Simon S - November 2023

Both my children loved their sessions with Alison. She is really friendly, made my children feel at ease and has a lovely teaching style. Would definitely recommend.

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Unlock your potential with personalised tuition
Unlock your potential with personalised tuition